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What Started as a small group of Business Owners

We formed in 2021 consisting of and run by fellow Knaresborough business owners, coming together as we saw there was a place for a group like us run by and for likeminded business owners and we aim to be pro-active group bringing Knaresborough together for the good of the town and for the good of our businesses, we were recently given key stakeholder status within the council which means our voice will be heard and we will have a say on any future decisions.

We are so excited to announce that our group has grown and we now have a rather large and wonderful group of independent business owners all working together to better the town of Knaresborough, and our aim?..... is to keep growing!

We now have a membership up and running and already a large number of businesses involved should you wish to join us you can do so by paying a nominal amount of £50 for a years membership, this money willl go directly towards events and projects in the town which we believe will bring the town together, make the town a nicer place to be in and work from, and bring the community after the tough few years we have all had. 

We want this collective to be just that, a place where all opinions matter not just the ones we agree with, a place where every voice will be listened to.

our intention is to work alongside and compliment some of the fantastic groups, individuals and organisations who already do so much for the town.

if you do wish to become a member, please email us on - or via our contact us box. 

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Join Our Team
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