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We are a group of independent Business owners in Knaresborough who have joined forces to collectively share our passion for the town, bringing events and vibrancy to an already wonderful place. 

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Forming in 2021, we are a

collective of local independent businesses in Knaresborough. We decorate

the town, put on events and

help to build the local business



Our upcoming projects include

erecting the Pride flags and hanging baskets in town, organising the Knaresborough

Business Awards and planning ahead to Halloween events.


We no longer take membership fees as it seemed counter productive when our aim is for

business owners to make more!

However, If you would like to donate to some of our projects we always welcome sponsorship.

Get Involved

If You would like to volunteer please get in touch with us, either via our contact us below, or via our facebook page.

We always welcome helping hands and fresh ideas from fellow business owners!


Should you want a Pride Flag on your business premises please get in touch with us!
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Get in touch

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